Thursday, 7 February 2013

Nominations and stuff

So,news this week is that last years show Dick Whittington has been nominated for an award. This is our fourth nomination for best panto at the National Operatic and Dramatics Association (NODA) NW awards. Now I will have to dust off my old dinner suit (and I really mean dust it off as I bought it in the mid nineties) and get slaughtered at the awards dinner in Blackpool. Mrs Pantobloke will not as usual be attending preferring to leave the joys of a luvvie evening to yours truly.

Meeting our new choreographer ( if that is spelled correctly I'll eat next years script) on Wednesday Will test her with my dance knowledge ( box step, the bump and gangnam)

Thinking I should really revise Script of Aladdin , which we did in Jan, now,while it is fresh in my mind. Should and could and I'll let you know if I manage to get off my big fat pimply bottom and do it. Incidentally my bottom isn't big fat or pimply but it is quite hairy which for some reason can't be said for my head!

Twog you next week, oh I got my tickets for The Who, £157! Better be good !


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