Friday, 22 February 2013

Blank Screens

I thought I would have weeks like this when I decided to write this blog. In short a week, where, sod all happens and I find myself looking at a blank field on a computer.
Still I suppose it’s akin to when I’m writing or updating a script. What seemed funny 20, 10, or 5 years ago is not so funny now. It’s strange how a few words on a computer can effect how 3000 people can enjoy (or not!) an evening in 10 months time.

It’s difficult writing and producing a pantomime, always a fine balance between keeping the kids amused and stopping it being mind numbingly boring for the adults.
I make it a practice of never looking directly at adults in an audience when I am on stage. I remember, once, peering out across the footlights and picking out one bloke just sitting there, arms crossed, under sufferance with an awful frown on his face. I try to remember this when I am under pressure to dumb down (clean up) the jokes in the show.

It’s also really difficult writing on your own, which is why most comedy writers do it in groups (ooh ehh misses!) Much easier to nick the good ideas off other people and then pass it off as your own creative writing. I do this with my double act partner over a starbucks. Something always comes out of these sessions though the hilarious humour is now punctuated with delays due to age and the effect of drinking 2 medium americano’s in an hour. Ironic that trying to write comedy whilst pissing yourself!

Speak next week


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