Friday, 1 March 2013

Lathering Up

I do a lot of my thinking naked. Not in a weird “see that naked bloke in the front room” Rodin (one for art lovers there) sort of way, but in the shower. When you are standing there under the water, it’s great thinking time and I often come up with my best ideas. It’s remembering them afterwards and writing them down where I have the problem as I invariably become sidetracked with something important like cleaning the grid. Anyway I have done sod all on the script this week and probably won’t touch it until I have to, which knowing me will be three days before the first rehearsal. In the meantime, if asked about progress, I’ll reply with my usual “slow, there’s a lot to do”

Went to the pub last night and a bit thick headed so I’ll keep it short and leave you with the thought that if you are reading one of my jokes at rehearsals it may well have been created by me, naked and lathering up.

Going to the football (Everton) with Widow Twankey tomorrow (you don’t hear that sentence often!) You’ll have guessed he’s our panto dame, and not just a dame, only the best dam dame this side of the four bridges (for my American readers these are 4 bridges over the docks in Birkenhead England.)

See You


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