Thursday, 28 March 2013

What's in a Name

Stupid, but I was laying in bed watching the weather forecast on Tuesday, snow,ice , you get the picture then they showed the weather presenters name Sara Blizzard! How can that be, thought I had a fever or had put ketamine in my tea instead of sweeteners. The old guy who fixes my lawnmower is Mr Green and I had a teacher called Mr Death when I was in primary (Though he used to pronounce it Mr Deeth for some reason). Names are so stupid a chair maker called Mr Pugh  Mr Baker. Tiler, Thatcher, Goldsmith , Butcher. Steward, Farmer , Sheperd , Bridger , Saddler, Fisher, Mariner. Carpenter, ,Weaver,, and thousands more no doubt ..anyway as usual I am rambling.

Where was I ..oh yes the panto , and easter eggs how many should you get? I think one is enough (as long as it is a big one with flakes in and I don’t mean the £1.99 one from Home and Bargain) I  think easter eggs have got out if hand, There was one picture of some spoilt kid buried under them on You Tube. Should be some legal limit, like in China or is that the number of kids you can have..who knows.

Well you can tell there is sod all to report on the panto this week except for some female reporter from the BBC who wants to interview me on Tuesday about the society. Better make sure I’m off the horse tranquilisers by then, only joking don’t take horse tranquilisers at Easter. Wonder if her name is Mrs Riter. Let you know how I got on next week

See You


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