Friday, 5 April 2013

Radio Ga Ga

So, did a bit of radio PR this week. Me and my oppo (That's not Mrs Pantobloke but my panto partner)(That's partner in a performing sense) ( Going a bit wild with the brackets here!) ( See there I go again) 

Right, (Start again ...stop it) ( Note to self..less brackets) as....I was saying, went down to Radio Merseyside Tuesday, to do a pre-recorded slot on the panto. Took my oppo with me for support as I thought it would be a bit less dry with the two of us. I wrote a bit of background stuff  beforehand, though oppo quickly got in first with the "he's got a good face for radio " line seconds before I was going to deliver it! 

It went ok, though was surprisingly nerve wracking when you consider it was just a young researcher doing the interview.Will let you know when it's going out.

Afterwards we had an excuse to go for a beer  (Not that we both need permission...honest)
I also had possibly the worst pie ever made. Steak and kidney, without the steak and kidney.Made me wish for the good old days of supermarket value pies infused with bits of Mr Ed.

Ok I'll go now (And take my brackets with me)


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