Saturday, 27 April 2013

Useful things to do with a meat hook

Went to a BBC Radio Merseyside sponsored presentation for Amateur Theatre Groups this week. Quite interesting as it gives us better access to the radio to promote what we are doing, as long as we can think of something different or funny to say ( shouldn't be too hard, as the bishop said to the actress). 

Anyway, guy from Noda gave a good speech on the problems that AmDrams face and pretty much hit it on the head, citing getting bums on seats, involving young people and financial management as the main issues. Agree with that. Being an obvious luvvie we had the usual problem of getting him off stage once he was up. We have same problem in our show, once performers get on the stage(present company excepted..ahemm) we have to prise them off with a large meat hook.(You all know who you are)

Met with my oppo yesterday to discuss next years show.As usual we fantasied about various changes we could make to the panto to make it more interesting. Unfortunately many of the ideas would be banned in De Wallen and won't make the stage. Incidentally my daughter is off to Amsterdam on Sunday, so BEHAVE.

Finally,as this is a personal blog,an old friend of mine died this week just 55
R.I.P. Ian Parker (Highway Star)


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