Sunday, 21 April 2013

More blah blah

Not such an interesting week. Met up with producer this week to discuss scenery. We were a bit disappointed with cloths last year, the old adage “It will look alright when it’s lit” didn’t actually apply, as when we turned on the lights  the cloths still looked like a dirty bedspread., not that we have any dirty bedspreads in our house (just in the off chance Mrs Pantobloke reads this!)

Didn’t hear the BBC Radio Merseyside piece that me and oppo did. It went out last Sunday and I confess I didn’t want to hear it live. Anyway got BBC to send me a copy so have asked Webmaster (That sounds great doesn’t it WEBMASTER!..sounds like some medieval wizard) were was I, oh yes I’ve asked our web guy to put it on the website so you can all access it. For information, oppo sounds fine but I sound like some effeminate theatrical scouser . Still presenter seems to find us amusing.

Only two weeks to our night of debauchery (for younger readers please read nice time for debauchery) at the NODA awards at Blackpool’s Hilton Hotel. I am already preparing my award acceptance speech. Think I will limit it to about twenty minutes and promise not to cry..too much. For those on my table remember that the bottle of wine I bought is for my consumption only please.

Oh going to some Workshop organised by Radio Merseyside called “Up for the Arts” this week. Sure it will provide me with some material for next weeks blog.

Bye for now


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