Friday, 12 April 2013

Oo la la

It's time to start thinking about scenery for next years show. After theatre hire it's probably our biggest outlay and always hard trying to balance cost against quality.We generally go to the budget end and as a result some of the cloths have seen better days hence!

Treasurer "It will be alright when the lights go on it" 
Me "It looks like a public toilet"
Treasurer "Yeah and it's cheap"
Me "But it's supposed to be the grand ballroom"
Treasurer"It's in the second half, no one will be watching by then"

Had two french teachers staying this week which has been fun and a chance for me to show off my Joey Barton french vocab. Reminded me of when I went into a french shop on holiday in the Vendee which only sold barbecued chickens and I asked for a poisson (meaning to say poulet!) Imagine, This bemused frenchman surrounded by chickens with a mad englishman shouting "Fish if you please" at him repeatedly before scowling and walking out. We had pizza that night.

See yeah 



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