Friday, 3 May 2013

Do the Hustle

Went to a dance show this week. Anyone who knows me will realise that dance is not my cup of tea, but it's a really important chunk of the panto. Great to see all the really young kids. They just wheel them on in cute costumes and get them to hop a bit which is about the total extent of my dancing skills.

Unless your Wayne Sleep ( my feet are more Wayne Asleep) you really lose most of your rhythm at about 52. Along with your hearing, sight, memory and other more personal things,your faculties diminish as you go on. Me,dancing in the Hamilton Club to Pickerty Witch is now a distant memory.(Incidentally, Pickerty Witch was not a good example there, as I used to do a good Nutbush City Limits shuffle from side to side and also a passable bump to Disco Tex and the sex-o-lettes.Though I never found out what a Sex-O-Lette was)

Sorry rambling again. Noda awards Sunday.We are cramming into my oppos car and going up for lunch this year. Better not be a buffet as I hate queing for food. I am leaving plenty of space in my case for the award as I am pretty confident this year. If we win,the bump might get one final performance at the Hilton Hotel never know!

Will announce our award next can't wait!


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