Saturday, 18 May 2013

Take Azerbaijan for example.

Our intrepid bag packers are out this weekend raising money for the society. Such hard,work and so important to the health of the society.As with many groups it is the work of a very few individuals that make the difference.

Eurovision last night. Great fun but so bizarre that we get so few votes and are obviously not preferred by many European states yet they all prefer to sing in our native tongue.Take  Azerbaijan for example, an independent Turkish state with its own language and I am sure fantastic culture but they still enter a song in English! Its ironic that we would probably get more votes if we reciprocated and sang in Azerbanjani

Been doing more work on scenery selection this week and pondering the script changes needed to produce a slicker show. You will be glad to know that I have got over my post NODA awards sulk for another year. Eurovision has certainly inspired me and the opening number is definitely going to be Hold Me, the Farid Mammadov version sung in Azabaijani of course!

Gələn həftə danışmaq


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