Sunday, 26 May 2013

Summertime and the living is Sleazy

Ok my blog is late this week, but it's sunny, I repeat it's sunny so I am topping up my tan. Who am I kidding I'm trying to start a tan before my hols. What usually happens is that my head, which as you all know is a bit exposed, goes brown and my body, which thankfully you don't, know stays a pasty white colour. This is not a good beach look but I am stuck with it untill I come back reincarnated as Julio Inglasio (If that's spelt correctly I'll eat my sun hat) or better still Beyonce, which may make bath time more interesting than present.

Where was I, oh yes the Panto. Well it was the agm this week and it was as exciting as usual.The voting for each of the coveted committee positions was as competitive as Bonny Tyler and I just was able to hang on to my Co Producer role, I like Co Producer as nobody really knows what it stands for and what I have to do which is obviously A LOT. Anyway the year roles on and it will soon be dancers auditions....I can't wait


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