Saturday, 1 June 2013

So that's were the word Codpiece comes from!

Been getting down to some script work this week. I say work rather than writing because it is a combination of adapting material from previous scripts with new words rather than composing pure script.

Lots of our material is created from larking around during rehearsals. Thats why it is so important to surround yourself with creative people and casting the round pegs in the round holes. Often, if I've been particularly lazy, sketches might not be fully scripted and this creates more work for future shows. 

For instance this year I want to recreate  the ballet sketch we did some some 5 years ago and I was relieved to find that I had actually written down all the stuff that we did previously. The ballet sketch replaced the old school room sketch which was getting a bit tired ("where's yer grammar ? At home with my grandpa") you get the picture.

So I get to wear the duck costume and my oppo has to wear the black leotard,lycra thong and cod piece. It's no use me wearing the lycra, as my legs are too good and it's not as funny, also the codpiece is too small. My oppos' legs on the other hand are god made for comedy. When I say god made, I mean  in a similar way as god made chicken or perhaps emu legs for people's amusement. (He doesn't read the blog regularly so I can say what I like)

Will keep you all informed of progress

Incidentally just looked up codpiece on Wikipedia, and discovered what cod was in middle english. Can't repeat it for decency sake but think cricket, snooker or golf and you'll figure it 


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