Sunday, 17 March 2013

Tired and Tearful

Sorry Blog’s late but got a decent excuse as my eldest son got married on Friday. The whole event was emotionally exhausting with me blubbering every time somebody said nice things about him, which was often. Think I will have to consider some serious sedation when my daughter gets married judging by my emotional instability as just the grooms dad!

Anyway I’m not going to go on about the wedding, though in many ways it was like putting on a show…very theatrical. I of course got to dress up in tails etc, only thing I was missing was my panto wig and after seeing some of the early wedding pictures of the light bouncing off my bonce, I think I should have worn it. There was a cast, a script, music, jokes, a prince charming and a fairytale princess. No panto baddies though and there wasn’t a fight at the end I’m afraid. Now it’s all over it does feel the same as after a successful production, relieved but a little bit sad.

We had another Panto committee meeting this week. (know your bursting with excitement now) “Good News” is that our fund raising secretary has arranged for more supermarket bag packs. Joy beyond Joy. People who know me will know how much I enjoy this activity. It is marginally preferable to having your teeth scraped by a dental technician who has a very painful mouth ulcer which she has just bitten.

Promise I won’t be late next week guys.


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