Friday, 8 March 2013

Over Sized Cotton Buds

How much stuff should you keep? We all have that issue, my basement is full of crap like  an old 1980’s gas fires that would probably send you into a deep sleep if installed.

We have major problems with our panto stuff. We have a storage unit crammed to capacity, current inventory:-

Giant Mousetrap (150cm x 100cm) x 1
Over size Cotton Bud ( 100cm) x 1
Inflatable Octopus (never used) x 1
Large mallet and chisel
Wooden seagulls in UV paint x 2

Etc etc you get the picture. Problem is we hate to throw stuff out and the over size cotton bud joke ( Can’t tell you for decency sake were we stick it) can’t be done every year. Incidentally there are jokes that can be done every year, such as “ When I nod my head you hit it” which when combined with hitting my oppo  on the head with a mallet, seems to always get at least a snigger. ( Note to self: Do not throw away large mallet and chisel) (Further reminder to self: Do not hit oppo with non padded end of mallet this year if possible)

Suppose we will carry on as normal. Good news this year is we will get to do exploding cottage scene. Got into trouble last time as I wanted to use large maroon for the bang ( for you non luvvies a maroon is like a bomb which creates a big bang without killing too many people) When we tested it on stage it created a sound wave that knocked the frothy cream off the cappuccino’s in starbucks and launched the New Brighton Life Boat.. Had to use a medium one in the end.

Got to go now and pen a new scene involving an oversized cotton bud

Speak next week


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