Monday, 5 August 2013

Minute that, will you?

My blog's late again this week. Everything slows down in August, including me,as kids are off and everyone goes on holiday.

I am feeling pretty apathetic this week but know I will soon have to ramp up my enthusiasm as the important panto quarter  approaches. There will be lots going on from September, principal auditions, rehearsals starting and promotion planning to name just 3.

And of course meetings. Meetings, meetings, meetings. Lots of meetings with agendas, any other business, (yeah like what time does this meeting finish so I can go to the pub) and of course minutes. Which nobody reads and everyone agrees are right, and then votes on them for some reason. Minutes come from latin meaning small object or insignificent thing. Why then are they always 6 pages long!

Anyway enough of this negativity upwards and onwards. This isn't going to get the audition pieces done or the script finished.

Promise next week that blog will be funnier. I need to start thinking of some funny lines for the Dame's opening spot that won't' offend the mayor and also come up with some original comedy for me and the oppo to do. Not really worried about the latter, if all else fails one of us will fart and fall over. That usually does the trick.

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