Sunday, 18 August 2013

Ready,steady and we're off

I admit I have been a bit lazy with the blogs for the past couple of weeks. This is however the quietest period of the year. Theatre has been booked, scenery hired and dancers auditions completed. You could however call it the calm before the storm or perhaps the squall in our case.

I need to now turn my attention to the principal auditions. For me one of the most important aspects of the whole production. Making sure we have the right blend of youth and experience. It never fails to amaze me how performers can do brilliant auditions and then promptly turn off their talent when they turn up at rehearsals, or worse even, to first night.

Contrary to popular belief we love it when new faces turn up at auditions, especially if their good.

Good news is that I will probably try again for a part. And yes if someone better than me (or us if oppo is not doing something more important that day,because I usually have to ring him at ten to four on auditions day only for him to say he's emptying his garage again!) they'll get the roles......probably.

Anyway there's loads of other parts to go for and if not, and if your really good, I'll write one for you.
Done that before and that's the beauty of pantomime,we can do what we like and often do. Just remember years ago Mr Blobby was written into the show on the morning of the first performance.

Keep your eyes peeled for audition dates which I think are 3rd Sept at St Pauls' and 8th Sept at Moreton Methodist. Hope that's correct, anyway check, this is an amusing blog not a dam notice board.


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