Friday, 20 September 2013

Get the Whip out as we've cast off

Well we've cast and were ready to go. And what a line up we've got. Our regular followers will be relieved to know that there are a few familiar faces in the show and they will be even more relieved to know that one of them is me. My oppo obviously got a part by the skin of his teeth still you can't have everything.

Think we have some surprises in the line up for this show which always creates creativity as the show develops

We have a number of exciting new cast members this year. Auditions were amazing with a few X factor moments "oh my god I didn't see that coming"

Had some really good and talented people who we had to turn away and I hope that they are not too disillusioned (spelled that correctly amazingly) and will come back again. (Note to self too many ands in that  sentence). We really do like to strike a balance of experienced pantomimers (new word there!) and new talent. I think we have achieved it this year.

Rehearsals start on Tuesday, so I am going to have to dig the whip out.(don't really have to dig it out as I know exactly where it is, in the dungeon with my other props)

Blogs should get quite interesting from here on in.


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