Saturday, 5 October 2013

What a load of bullocks!

Well we had our second principals rehearsal this week. We all stood up for the first time to deliver our lines. In my early days I always found this quite scarey. Having to stand up in front of your peers is always much harder than performing in front of an audience.

As we are doing Little Red Riding Hood, we have a couple of younger principals so we have to tone down the adult humour a bit. This is harder for some than others, pantomime rehearsals always bring out the childish innuendo in the cast "oo eh missis". This, however, is a really important part of the creative process with many bad jokes being invented ( or reinvented) as we  giggle our way through the evening with infantile ease.

So we will go right through Act 1 a few time until the story becomes ingrained and then I will start my Sir Laurence Olivier critique
"Say it louder like you really mean it"
"Where's your motivation for this character"
" Good now fart and fall over"

Will keep you all informed of the artistic progress


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