Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Page 3 it Ain't

Two things to mention this week. Firstly I went along with other committee members to Wirral Met to judge the poster artwork competition they had agreed to run. The submissions were incredibly high standard. When people love what they are doing they can be so creative and we had a hard job picking a winner. In the end we decided on quite a controversial choice, but the artwork was so eye catching we had to go with it. We will publicise the winning entry in the next couple of weeks.
Secondly we had cast photographs for the show program at rehearsals this week. Funny that some people who love showing their full wears on the stage don't like getting their picture taken. Me, I love it and my oppo could only look on admiringly as I posed sexily for the cameras.
It was obviously quite hard for me not to look too provocative, but I think I managed it and didn't show too much shoulder. I even agreed for my oppo to have a joint shot with me so that he could benefit from my professionalism as a glamour model. Unfortunately though, the collective glare from our heads damaged the camera and the photographer had to be treated for snow blindness.


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