Saturday, 12 October 2013

Is that legal...exactly?

Love rehearsals, really do. Much rather be standing in a church hall on a Tuesday, than sitting at home with a fosters watching the most important England match of the year!
Still we all have to make sacrifices. 

Went to see Wallasey Ops show this week, really well done but so different from our show in so many ways. My oppo was in the chorus and had to make 8 changes!. Particularly liked his nymphomaniac granny role and the other two gay characters which he seemed to pull off with consummate ease.

Panto can be much more anarchic than musicals, the constraints that exist for a director of a copyright musical play just don't exist. We can literally do what we like if you can think of it (and it is not that illegal and/or upsetting for small children or old ladies) we can do it and often will.
Don't read anarchic for unprofessional the best performers ad libs are usually remembered, recorded and rehearsed.

Right I'm in danger of sounding artistic here so I'll shut up. 

Joy of joys bag packing at Morrisons tomorrow, oh I just remembered,spray tan appointment, never mind.

Speak next week,


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