Thursday, 31 January 2013

We have to start somewhere

Stupid time to start writing about a pantomime..."they've all finished! ". Well yes ,but this is intended as a weekly diary of the production of next years show.

What with all the tears,tantrums,anguish,indecision and treachery involved with the production of an Am Dram panto, I thought it would make a good blog.

Anyway, we've had our first comitee,commitee, comitee, ...jesus how many ways can you spell this word....committee meeting (warned you about the tantrums) and after 40 minutes of anguish have decided to do "Red Riding Hood"

Well I know you want more but you'll have to wait till next week because I decided to keep this sustainable. In fact I was going to tweet but realised it was too short but I think a blog may be too long,maybe I should call this a "twog" (probably should copyright that) anyway need to finish as:-

A. Need to try to get some tickets for The Who concert at Echo Arena
B. Mrs Pantobloke will make me do some kettlebells exercise soon and I need to think up an excuse

See you