Saturday, 27 April 2013

Useful things to do with a meat hook

Went to a BBC Radio Merseyside sponsored presentation for Amateur Theatre Groups this week. Quite interesting as it gives us better access to the radio to promote what we are doing, as long as we can think of something different or funny to say ( shouldn't be too hard, as the bishop said to the actress). 

Anyway, guy from Noda gave a good speech on the problems that AmDrams face and pretty much hit it on the head, citing getting bums on seats, involving young people and financial management as the main issues. Agree with that. Being an obvious luvvie we had the usual problem of getting him off stage once he was up. We have same problem in our show, once performers get on the stage(present company excepted..ahemm) we have to prise them off with a large meat hook.(You all know who you are)

Met with my oppo yesterday to discuss next years show.As usual we fantasied about various changes we could make to the panto to make it more interesting. Unfortunately many of the ideas would be banned in De Wallen and won't make the stage. Incidentally my daughter is off to Amsterdam on Sunday, so BEHAVE.

Finally,as this is a personal blog,an old friend of mine died this week just 55
R.I.P. Ian Parker (Highway Star)


Sunday, 21 April 2013

More blah blah

Not such an interesting week. Met up with producer this week to discuss scenery. We were a bit disappointed with cloths last year, the old adage “It will look alright when it’s lit” didn’t actually apply, as when we turned on the lights  the cloths still looked like a dirty bedspread., not that we have any dirty bedspreads in our house (just in the off chance Mrs Pantobloke reads this!)

Didn’t hear the BBC Radio Merseyside piece that me and oppo did. It went out last Sunday and I confess I didn’t want to hear it live. Anyway got BBC to send me a copy so have asked Webmaster (That sounds great doesn’t it WEBMASTER!..sounds like some medieval wizard) were was I, oh yes I’ve asked our web guy to put it on the website so you can all access it. For information, oppo sounds fine but I sound like some effeminate theatrical scouser . Still presenter seems to find us amusing.

Only two weeks to our night of debauchery (for younger readers please read nice time for debauchery) at the NODA awards at Blackpool’s Hilton Hotel. I am already preparing my award acceptance speech. Think I will limit it to about twenty minutes and promise not to cry..too much. For those on my table remember that the bottle of wine I bought is for my consumption only please.

Oh going to some Workshop organised by Radio Merseyside called “Up for the Arts” this week. Sure it will provide me with some material for next weeks blog.

Bye for now


Friday, 12 April 2013

Oo la la

It's time to start thinking about scenery for next years show. After theatre hire it's probably our biggest outlay and always hard trying to balance cost against quality.We generally go to the budget end and as a result some of the cloths have seen better days hence!

Treasurer "It will be alright when the lights go on it" 
Me "It looks like a public toilet"
Treasurer "Yeah and it's cheap"
Me "But it's supposed to be the grand ballroom"
Treasurer"It's in the second half, no one will be watching by then"

Had two french teachers staying this week which has been fun and a chance for me to show off my Joey Barton french vocab. Reminded me of when I went into a french shop on holiday in the Vendee which only sold barbecued chickens and I asked for a poisson (meaning to say poulet!) Imagine, This bemused frenchman surrounded by chickens with a mad englishman shouting "Fish if you please" at him repeatedly before scowling and walking out. We had pizza that night.

See yeah 



Friday, 5 April 2013

Radio Ga Ga

So, did a bit of radio PR this week. Me and my oppo (That's not Mrs Pantobloke but my panto partner)(That's partner in a performing sense) ( Going a bit wild with the brackets here!) ( See there I go again) 

Right, (Start again ...stop it) ( Note to self..less brackets) as....I was saying, went down to Radio Merseyside Tuesday, to do a pre-recorded slot on the panto. Took my oppo with me for support as I thought it would be a bit less dry with the two of us. I wrote a bit of background stuff  beforehand, though oppo quickly got in first with the "he's got a good face for radio " line seconds before I was going to deliver it! 

It went ok, though was surprisingly nerve wracking when you consider it was just a young researcher doing the interview.Will let you know when it's going out.

Afterwards we had an excuse to go for a beer  (Not that we both need permission...honest)
I also had possibly the worst pie ever made. Steak and kidney, without the steak and kidney.Made me wish for the good old days of supermarket value pies infused with bits of Mr Ed.

Ok I'll go now (And take my brackets with me)