Sunday, 26 May 2013

Summertime and the living is Sleazy

Ok my blog is late this week, but it's sunny, I repeat it's sunny so I am topping up my tan. Who am I kidding I'm trying to start a tan before my hols. What usually happens is that my head, which as you all know is a bit exposed, goes brown and my body, which thankfully you don't, know stays a pasty white colour. This is not a good beach look but I am stuck with it untill I come back reincarnated as Julio Inglasio (If that's spelt correctly I'll eat my sun hat) or better still Beyonce, which may make bath time more interesting than present.

Where was I, oh yes the Panto. Well it was the agm this week and it was as exciting as usual.The voting for each of the coveted committee positions was as competitive as Bonny Tyler and I just was able to hang on to my Co Producer role, I like Co Producer as nobody really knows what it stands for and what I have to do which is obviously A LOT. Anyway the year roles on and it will soon be dancers auditions....I can't wait


Saturday, 18 May 2013

Take Azerbaijan for example.

Our intrepid bag packers are out this weekend raising money for the society. Such hard,work and so important to the health of the society.As with many groups it is the work of a very few individuals that make the difference.

Eurovision last night. Great fun but so bizarre that we get so few votes and are obviously not preferred by many European states yet they all prefer to sing in our native tongue.Take  Azerbaijan for example, an independent Turkish state with its own language and I am sure fantastic culture but they still enter a song in English! Its ironic that we would probably get more votes if we reciprocated and sang in Azerbanjani

Been doing more work on scenery selection this week and pondering the script changes needed to produce a slicker show. You will be glad to know that I have got over my post NODA awards sulk for another year. Eurovision has certainly inspired me and the opening number is definitely going to be Hold Me, the Farid Mammadov version sung in Azabaijani of course!

Gələn həftə danışmaq


Saturday, 11 May 2013

Sour Grapes and Serial Killers

Not happy!

So we all went off to Blackpool, sat through what seemed like hundreds of awards for actor in a musical, best actress in a musical,best musical director in a musical, best director in a musical etc, etc, and what were we beaten by in best pantomime category yes a musical, Beauty and the flippin Beast!

Now this is not sour grapes..What am I talking about it is! I am currently having a rethink about doing Red Riding Hood next year. I am thinking of taking a more original approach which I think will give us more chance of an award. 

What about Hannibal Lecter the Pantomime. A fairy story about a mass serial killer who eats his victims. Should make a great cookery sketch and something our dame can get her teeth into. Or we could do The Exorcist the Pantomime, a great bedroom scene with lots of slapstick. Or Emmanuel the Pantomime ....ok I'll shut up now, but you get the picture. No, we will plod on trying to provide traditional high quality traditional family pantomime and hang the awards.

Enough of the rant. I promise next weeks blog will be back to it's light hearted best.


Friday, 3 May 2013

Do the Hustle

Went to a dance show this week. Anyone who knows me will realise that dance is not my cup of tea, but it's a really important chunk of the panto. Great to see all the really young kids. They just wheel them on in cute costumes and get them to hop a bit which is about the total extent of my dancing skills.

Unless your Wayne Sleep ( my feet are more Wayne Asleep) you really lose most of your rhythm at about 52. Along with your hearing, sight, memory and other more personal things,your faculties diminish as you go on. Me,dancing in the Hamilton Club to Pickerty Witch is now a distant memory.(Incidentally, Pickerty Witch was not a good example there, as I used to do a good Nutbush City Limits shuffle from side to side and also a passable bump to Disco Tex and the sex-o-lettes.Though I never found out what a Sex-O-Lette was)

Sorry rambling again. Noda awards Sunday.We are cramming into my oppos car and going up for lunch this year. Better not be a buffet as I hate queing for food. I am leaving plenty of space in my case for the award as I am pretty confident this year. If we win,the bump might get one final performance at the Hilton Hotel never know!

Will announce our award next can't wait!