Sunday, 8 June 2014

Passing of a Panto Legend

Leo Greene one of the stalwarts of the Chrysanths sadly passed away yesterday.
Leo was always ever present with the society and played a major part in the development and continued success of the group.

My earliest memories of Leo and family go back as long as I remember. The Greene's back door backed onto our back door and our two families enjoyed various parties as I recall.

When I joined the Panto Leo was an experienced and accomplished performer.
I remember him as a Brokers Man, Simple Simon (or Idle Jack) and latterly as a Dame. Leo represented Amateur Pantomime as a Dame in a national Newspaper.

Afterwards Leo contributed mightily to the development of the scripts though many of his jokes were terrible and mostly unprintable. We certainly couldn't use them in the show but he was always whispering some risqué comment at rehearsals and having us in  stitches. Leo gave me and Jed many tips when it came to comedy on stage.

Leo for many years dealt with publicity and the programme. He was always popping into local shops trying to get adverts or sponsorship. He always managed to get Mcdonalds to supply us with soft drinks and vouchers as giveaways. Don't know how he did it but no one as been able to get anything out of them since.

Leo was a legend in the Panto. Even now he will be arguing with My Uncle George and Harry Bedson about who will play Wishie Washie in the Pearly Gates production of Aladdin.

Rest in Peace Leo and don't try and tell your jokes to the Angels, you'll get yourself kicked out.

Condolences to Miriam, Paul, Pam,Helen,and family.