Sunday, 5 January 2014

And So to the Show

Well the week of the show arrives and are we ready? You bet we are
Principals are chomping at the bit, repeating their lines over and over in the supermarket queue, songs are being repeatedly sung in the shower or on the loo, jokes are being practiced on sufferring partners (who tend to be ignored all week) and I am frantically trying to remember the box step while clearing out the garage.

Back stage preparations go into full swing, scenery ordered, special effects to be finalised, costumes fitted and the logistics of getting 70 odd kids safely onto the stage being efficiently organised.

Had a busy day yesterday. Me and my oppo did a live interview on the Radio Merseyside Breakfast Show at 8.20. Went well but strangely nerve wracking and much worse than going on stage in front of 800 people at the floral. Very difficult environment radio, just you, the DJ and the microphone in front of you. Anyway think it went OK and we got a couple of gags in.

Went back over to town later to meet the dame at the footie. He's raring to go and I'm sure his jokes will be as subtle as usual! Just like a bride, something borrowed, something new....something blue !

So my pantoblog ends for this year. Thank you all who have bothered to read it. I look forward to seeing you all this week. Unless you are that single blog reader from Kurdistan who,as a pig farmer , I am sure will  struggle to afford the plane ticket to get to the  Floral.

Me and the oppo now look forward to our usual week of mayhem, you know spitting water at each other, poking each other in the eye, having fights with paintbrushes, all the normal childish behaviour and then having to go on stage!

It's going to be a fun week.


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