Saturday, 25 January 2014

Happy new Panto Year

So the Panto year has ended and I thought I should wrap up the blogs as well.
Successful show with good audiences who all seemed to enjoy it. Enjoyed my slapstick with my oppo and escaped without too many injuries. Good fun bashing him with plank though I think he got his own back sticking that paint brush in my mouth!

Ironic,with me going on at my Dame  mate all year about being careful with his rude material, that I should be the one to drop the rudest word of the week in the picnic gag! Still it was a Saturday night audience who were having a raucous time and the slip was completely accidental....honest.

Principals were all brilliant with great performances from our 2 debutants who are both under 18 and our other young principal playing the wolf who is just legal to drink.
We had a fantastic mix this year the right blend of experience and youth. Bringing in an experienced female performer to play principal girl also lifted the performances of our home grown female principals who were all on their top game. The kids were all top notch and were amazingly so well behaved. The logistics in moving 70 kids and young people around the theatre were handled with military precision thanks to the mums who took the time out to support the show.

Our back stage crew were also brilliant. In the end it was a very technical show with lots of complicated effects involving lighting, sound, pyrotechnics and props. To get these right takes an enormous amount of concentration and skill. I don't name names in this blog but all the people who work so hard so that a few of us step into a little lit box to perform, do a wonderful job and I hope take great satisfaction from a job well done.

The show continues to get better year on year and long may it continue. The  Chrysanthemums reputation is, I feel, growing steadily. We want to get to a point were local talent are cramming to get a part in our show, we grow our local support to a position were tickets become  difficult to get and we are an annual post christmas regular treat for Merseyside families.

So give it a week or so and then we're off again. Not sure about next years show yet. We have got our hundreth, hundreath hundredth (got it!) show coming up in 2018, so want to save one of our big shows for that. Cinderella is looming though, the one show where I can legally wear womens underwear. 

I can never understand, though,why my oppo has to wear Per Una silk knickers under his ugly sisters costume. No one can see it, though he says it makes him feel authentic. 

It takes all sorts....Happy Panto Year to all of you


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